Crazy Faith Riders of
New Jersey welcomes you!

About Crazy Faith Riders

The Crazy Faith Riders of New Jersey were founded during the 2006 Prayer Blessing sponsored by the Federation of Black Cowboys of Brooklyn New York. A few guys from New Jersey (Louis Thompson AKA "Jr", Keith Brown AKA "The Virginia Cowboy" Oswald Marshall AkA "Desert Horse" and Richard Anderson AKA "Crazy Horse") who had been riding together for a couple of years were invited to attend the prayer breakfast by Federation member Joe Moore AKA "Cowboy or Ramrod". After the prayer blessing and just before the trail ride began there was a role call for all of the clubs that attended the Prayer Breakfast. As the clubs were being announced the Virginia Cowboy and Desert Horse asked Crazy Horse to have them announce the cowboys from New Jersey. Crazy Horse replied, "How can we be announced if we don't even have a name." Then Virginia Cowboy and Desert Horse said, "We are The Crazy Faith Riders of New Jersey." By the time that dialog had ended, the role call was over and they were asking everyone to mount up for the trail ride. On that morning the Crazy Faith Riders of New Jersey was founded.

To our knowledge we were the first and only African American Faith Based trail riding club in New Jersey and still hold that title to this day. We make a point in recognizing our God first, in the precious name of his only begotten son Jesus Christ before every trail ride and event. We had no idea that so many other African American clubs existed and are just blessed and honored to be a part of the variety of clubs and to have the responsibility of representing the Garden State of New Jersey.

We will always remember the love, support and hospitality that we have experienced from Federation of Black Cowboys as well as all the clubs represented in this great country.

The Crazy Faith Riders of New Jersey look forward to meeting up with all the clubs, cowgirls and cowboys on the trails every year!